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Hosting & Support

Hosting and Support

Nisoma Ltd provides the appropriate web environment that is necessary for your website's performance boost and flawless operation. We offer high-quality hosting service with exceptional customer care and effective technical support. Your site will get the right performance speed so you visitors have a smooth browsing experience.

See what you get with Nisoma Ltd.:

  • Over 99% server uptime – your website will be always available
  • Our team uses special tools to optimise the website loading time
  • User-friendly cPanel to manage anything you need on your own
  • Backup – your data is safe and recovery is enabled when needed
  • Unlimited bandwidth for web projects and unlimited mailbox
  • Our company owns a secure data centre with 10Gb/s network

Our company offers customisable hosting solutions to meet any business requirements. Our IT professionals are at your disposal every time you need an expert advice and support. We provide flexible hosting packages and full practical guidelines. Ensuring that a reliable company takes care of your hosting is a key point in enhancing your business activity in the high-tech era we live in. Have in mind that every customer is provided with a service level agreement that guarantees you a tailor-made hosting package.

If you need any further information about our services, get in touch with us and we will give you more details – well-informed customers make the smartest decisions!


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